Thursday, January 14, 2010

Streptococcus Bacteria

It is true. I am the new carrier for the streptococcus bacteria. After one agonizing day of a throat that felt like I swallowed sandpaper and a whole body that went hot and cold about everyother minute, I took the trek out to the Urgent Care to find out that I indeed had strep throat. I guess I haven't had strep in a long time because I did not remember being this sick. It is miserable! I can't do anything for my family. Thank goodness I have relatives close by that can take the children so I can sleep. Sean also took yesterday off so I could spend the whole day in bed. (To which he said "While I am gone don't be up and walking around and calling your sister and doing crafts!" Who knows his wife?!) Anyways, I just hope that Lucas doesn't get it and I found out that there has been no documentation of any baby under the age of 18 months contracting strep so thankfully Isaac should not get it. It is just lots of liquids, rest, and penicillin for me!

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