Saturday, January 2, 2010


So Lucas's favorite show to watch is Dora and Diego. He watches them day in and day out. (I feel less guilty about putting these on for Lucas to watch because they are in a way educational.) Anyways, today when Lucas got up from his nap he came out of his room and said "Hola!" to me and Grandma and Grandpa McCabe. I was really suprised! I had to ask everyone if they had heard he as well. He has been repeating spanish words that he has heard on the show but this was the first time that he actually used it right! I am sooo proud!
Cooked a turkey today as well. Invited the parents over and we had ourselves a very nice "Thanksgiving" dinner. I got a roaster oven from Target when they had their 'buy a turkey and roaster over and get a 15.00 gift certificate for free' deal. So the turkey got nice and crispy in the roaster oven while Sean and I cleaned out the cupboards and reorganzied so those nasty mice will stop eating our food. We haven't caught another one since New Years Eve (I am secretly hoping that there was only one). The joys of owning a home now!

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