Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Addition

So on December 18th our puppy was finally (as Sean would say) born!!! YAY that means we have only 8 weeks until we get to take the little guy home! It will definitely be interesting having a puppy in the house. But we are excited and ready for it. Sean has been waiting his whole life to get a dog and he is finally getting one! If you would like to see pictures of mom or dad or of the puppies go to and click on the Newfoundland button. Mom and dad are Kaine and Joy. We can't wait until we get to take the little guy home!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Craziness of Christmas

So things around here have been hectic and CRAZY!!! We just got the christmas tree up on Sunday, although we only decorated with lights because ornaments would have been just too crazy with a very curious 19 month old. Lucas loved helping with the tree although he really didn't understand the putting together of the tree so he just hung the branches where he thought that they should go.

Here he is helping us put together the tree!

The craziness continued onto Monday at 1130pm when we get a knock on our door. It is a firefighter and we were being evacuated because of a gas leak in our building. Sean came in a told me right after I had fallen into deep sleep. So we packed up Lucas and Oscar and got into our car and went to Wendy's for a littls snack. At about 1230am we were allowed back into our apartment. The next day however, we left Oscar's kennel sitting in the living room, Lucas decided that it was his toy and decided to crawl into the kennel. Here he is starting to come out of it, but he got his entire body in the kennel and shut the door

He is such a crazy kid!
Anyways, I have been trying and trying to get all of our Christmas stuff in order. I finally ordered a Fisher Price Nativity set for Lucas that is now all over our living room floor. I decided to make Christmas bags and tags instead of buying wrapping paper and I decided to make Lucas Christmas PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve. I definitely spread myself too thin. I also am hand making all my Chrismas cards and for those of you who have not recieved one I either don't have your address or an in the mist of making them. Don't worry you will get one!
Here is an example of my Christmas bags and tags:

Here is the front

Here is the back. If you can't read it I stiched To and From on the back. The whole idea of this is to reuse them again. I am planning on getting washable fabric pens or washable markers to write who it is To and From.
They are really cute but they are a lot of work.
So funny thing happened today. I decided to take a half day at work so I had my morning free. I went to the gym and when I got back Sean told me that Lucas must have cut himself because there was blood smears all around his room. It seriously looked like a murder scene. Although Sean said that he didn't even notice because Lucas wasn't whining or anything. I decided to wipe down his room. It is amazing how much a 19 month old touches. Every single toy had a blood smear on it. Then I go out to the living room and dining room and everything out there had blood on it.
Well that's about it for now, but I am sure I will have more stuff once the holiday's are over!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving, I know we did. I thought I would write about the funny thing that Lucas did so that I won't forget. Thanksgiving morning I woke up and went to the gym and ran a hour so as to off-set the amount I was planning on eating. Anyways, I was supposed to bring a dessert to the family get together and I ofcourse forgot. So after running I called up my mom and made a fine suggestion that we get together at her house and make a memory by baking my grandma's amazing butter cookies. So we get there and I am really excited to make cookies because Lucas is going to help me cut them out with cookie cutters. So I make the dough and roll it out and then get a chair so Lucas can stand on it and punch out cookies. So I put the cookie cutter on the dough to show him the first one. The first thing that proceeds out of my childs mouth once he saw the finished product was "EWWWWWWWW!" He then began to use the cookie cutter and after every cookie he continued to exclaim that same noise. I think my child has gotten "EWW" and "WOW" mixed up. It was hilarious and I wish that I had gotten it on tape but unfortunatly we have no batteries so this will only be a memory in our mind. I can't wait until Christmas when we can make cookies again!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

To make Dad Happy

Here Honey, to make you happy I videoed Lucas in his Halloween Costume.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Polite

Lucas has learned to say "Thank you!" On Monday I though I had heard him say it but I wasn't sure. Yesterday, it was all he said. So here is a video of Mr. Polite.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No more baby....

So the last few days have definitely proved that Lucas is no longer a baby. He is a full blown toddler and proud of it. In out dining room I have this make-shift pantry where I keep a lot of the food storage cans that my mom and mother-in-law gave me. Well, Lucas likes to go in it and play with the cans. A couple of weeks ago Lucas went into the pantry and pulled out a can of dried celery and spilled it all over the floor. That wasn't so bad. I cleaned it up but ofcourse did nothing to remove them from his grasp. Yesterday, while I was at work I got a call from Sean and he was very upset. While Sean was making dinner Lucas got into the pantry and opened a can of wheat gluten and dumped the whole can all over the dinning room floor (we have carpet). He then proceeded to roll in it, inhale it, eat it and dump dried celery on top of it. Needless to say our house is completely covered in wheat gluten and our vacuum cleaner is pretty much useless.
Then today I was up early because I had to write a talk for church. I had finished and went to print it. The paper kept jamming and jamming. All of a sudden a magnet fell out of the printer. We bought Lucas this book where it comes with magnets you stick on it. It was one of those magnets. My guess is Lucas saw an opening and took the initiative to stick his toys into it. Good thing it wasn't a peanut and butter sandwich. I think my life now is just damage control. My crazy little child is everywhere. But he is definitely the highlight and stress of my life.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amazing Thing About Minnesota

One of the most amazing things about Minnesota is the STATE FAIR. Which is where we went today. It is an event that many look forward to each year. All the food there is deep fried and on a stick. The newest food morsel that is there, although I did not attempt to eat it, was chocolate covered bacon. I like to stay more around the mini donuts, caramel apples end of the fair. But amongst all the crowds you can find deep fried candy bars, ostrich on a stick, cheese curds, an all you can drink milk stand, etc. etc. The first place we went today was the Miracle of Birth building where all the farmers bring their pregnant animals to and they then give birth to their young with about 200 Minnesotans watching. While we were there a Mommy pig was giving birth to her 7th little piggy (ouch!). A cow was going into labor and much to Sean's disappointment we did not see her give birth.
Here is Lucas admiring a very pregnant and uncomfortable momma cow.

Next we headed to the farm exhibits. There farmers from around the state bring in their best animals to be judged and awarded ribbons. They have sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, cows, and lamas (yes lamas). I thought is was very disturbing however that outside of the sheep barn they were passing out basically lamb slim jims. I declined eating on because it was just too weird. They also had a lamb on display that was wearing this speedo and on it it showed where all of it's body parts are that we eat. I will definitely not be eating sheep for a very long time.
The Lukers and I petting a very soft sheepy.

I think that after they shave sheep they dress them in this weird cloak thingy. In this picture we were trying to get Lucas to feed the sheep but he did not like that one bit. He loved the sheep and running up to them to look at them but giving them nourishment was not his cup of tea!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the fair was the poultry house. I did not know that there was such a variety of chickens and roosters out there. This was one of my favorite because it was the fluffiest chicken I have ever seen. It was all feathers!

This one was probably my most favorite. I mean, look at that hair feathers! They were so funny they ever were twitching their head like they were saying "Look at my lovely hair!" I couldn't believe the different types of poultry there was out there.
"I'm a Lama!!" The softest animal that I have ever petted hands down. It was so cute and it let Lucas pet him as well. The lady that owns this lama said that they are better sheep herders then dogs are. I never knew that!

After we saw the animals we pretty much walked around and ate food and went into a variety of exhibits like the Horticultural exhibit where we learned about bees and saw all the types of fruit and vegetables that you can grow in MN. Funny thing that I learned about bees is they are all females. There are only a few males and after they mate, they fall the earth dead. Wouldn't that be interesting if that happened to all species! After that we went to the pet barn where we saw lots of dogs. Then the DNR exhibit where we saw fish and all the animals that can be found here in MN. The state fair was a blast although I definitely ate my calorie allotment for the month!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Life the Last Couple of Months

So here are pictures from the last couple of months. When I downloaded them they got all out of order but I will try my best to explain each one.

Sean and I decided to take Lucas to the Science Museum of Minnesota and Lucas thought that it was the coolest place ever. He loved the Dinosaur part of it and the hands on Experiment part of the Museum. Here he is making experiments happen.

Here Lucas and I are in the Dinosaur part of the Museum. Of course he is too preoccupied with looking around to look at the camera.

He is so fun to take pictures of when he is sleeping. Isn't he a doll!
We had to give him a hair cut and we decided to buzz it. Lucas wasn't so excited about it because it was right before bed time and he was getting tired!
This is the face that we wake up to every morning. Aren't we lucky! The huge bear that he is lying on is a bear that my parents bought me when I was little. I thought that when he was younger he would get lonely in his crib so he sleeps with my teddy bear.
We thought that it was adorable that he was sleeping on the bear like pillow.

Here he is again!

Here he is at the science museum again. Running around like a crazy man!

We went to Sheri Easton's wedding in Missouri and there was so much flooding that the stop sign was almost covered with water.

Me and Janae in line for the ride to the top of the arch! I love that girl!

Me and Sean are smiling for the camera while we were inside of the arch!

Sheri and Mckay when they came out of the temple. Don't they look so happy. I am so happy that they are married!

We bought this backpack from REI and it is the coolest thing ever. It has a camel back in it and so Lucas can drink water when ever he wants. We put his diaper and wipes in it and he carries his own diaper back with him. We love it and he loves it.

Lucas and I cheesing for the camera.

Sean took Lucas to the Como Zoo while I was working and they have this Conservatory and Lucas loves water and could not help himself of course he has to play in the water.

Looking at the big cats. Which leads me to say that Lucas has said his first word "puppy". Although he says it for pretty much anything that has four legs. He loves to call Oscar a "puppy" and when he sees any dog he gets so excited when he sees a real dog. He loves them.
This is the cake that I decorated. Cake decorating is the new hobby that I decided to pick up.
The grand old arch!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


It seems like forever since I posted last. Probably because it has been forever. I have just been super busy lately that I have not had time to post. So today I decided to write instead of just lay in bed.
Let's start at the beginning. Last I wrote Lucas began walking. Well now he has mastered that art and has begun running when he gets excited enough. Although the ending result is him falling but other the that he is pretty good. Last week Lucas had his first big injury. I was downstairs folding laundry and he pulled a can of soup off a table. He, not being strong enough, dropped it promptly on his poor little piggy (his big toe). He cut it open and was bleeding profusely. It was quite sad but I must say that he has a nice battle wound on his toe.
Other news on Lucas is that he officially turned one on May 2. Yes, I now have a one year old. It is very fun to say that when people ask me how old he is. We went out to the Rainforest Cafe for his birthday dinner and then the following day we had a big birthday bash for him. When we bought the invitations for his party he picked the Cars (from the movie) ones and so that was the theme of his birthday. He was hilarious however when he was eating his cake. He got it all over, it was quite entertaining. Other then that he has just been a busy little boy with big things to do.

Here Lucas is the day he was born a little after 3 pm on May 2, 2007!

Here is Lucas at exactly 3 pm on May 2, 2008. One year old!

Here we are outside the Rainforest Cafe after eating dinner!

At Lucas's birthday party we naturally sang happy birthday to him although he really didn't like it and started crying! He quickly cheered up however when we gave him a piece of cake that little sugar maniac!
For other pictures click on this link
It's from my Facebook albums.

News on me. I just finished my first half marathon yesterday, May 9. I did ok time, 2 hours and 16 minutes. It was not the greatest but I blame it on the fact that I was getting sick. (Poor Lucas he is sick sick too!) But I did it and I am so proud of myself for finishing. Also, school is coming to an end, thank goodness, and I took a job at the old apartment complex where we used to work. Instead of caretaking, however, I am working in the office. It is a pretty sweet deal. They offered me a free apartment and hourly pay. We are really blessed. Anyways, because I did not get into nursing school I am going to sit back and let Sean finish (he only has a year and a half left). Once he gets into his career, that being the Border Patrol or some secret ops in the military, I will start my school back up again. But I am going to take my time and figure out what I really want to do. Right now I am really enjoying being mom and doing the mom thing.

Here I am right before the run!

Finish Line! Done finally!

The whole reason why I started running the first place.....for the shirt. Best shirt that I have ever worked for!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Walking Man!

We have a walking child! It was amazing. While Sean and Lucas were gone, Sean said that Lucas had taken like 2 full steps and that was about it. After that day, which was Friday the 21, Lucas had not walked since. I was completely heart broken that I had missed my baby's first steps! But Sean had insisted that he hadn't walked since then. Well, yesterday, Easter, I picked them up from the airport and brought them over to my Aunt Jeans for dinner. While Sean was taking a shower, me and Lucas were just hanging in the living room. Lucas had pulled himself up on the couch and all of a sudden he saw his goldfish crackers and WALKED right for them. I couldn't believe it! The rest of the day we spent (the whole family) spent getting Lucas to walk all over the place! It was so exciting. Here is a video we took of him. He is a little wobbly at times but sometimes he will just see something and walk right for it with complete control! I can't believe that my little baby is becoming a little boy! It is so great!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I have been trying to post for a couple of days now but the video that I keep trying to post takes forever to upload so I never end up fully posting. It is a little disappointing. But I will continue to try. But in spite of that I figured that I would get on and just give and update on where we are right now.
I am currently home alone. This week is spring break and I was going to have to work a ton at the theater. So I decided to surprise Sean with a plane ticket to go and see his father for a week and a half. My rational was that he was just going to have to sit around here and watch Lucas so why not in West Virginia. So since last Thursday he and Lucas have been gone. I have to admit that having a few sane minutes to myself is quite nice but when I am no working or have nothing to do.....I miss my little family. Every time I call Sean I have to know what Lucas is wearing, how he is doing, what he ate and how many poopy diapers he has had. It is weird that although he is not here I still need to know all of those things. It's sad, even now talking about it is making me miss them a lot.
But good news, I found another job. I am going to be a nursing assistant at a assisted living center in Burnsville. I actually got a job offer from two companies and after much deliberation, I decided to go with the assisted living center. I start training on Thursday of this week and I am pretty excited. Although I am going to be sad when I leave the theater. Free movies is pretty hard to give up. Also, on Monday I ran 7 miles without stopping. It was exciting. I did it in 65 minutes. My miles are starting to creep up there which has me thrilled! I will probably run a half marathon in New Prague in May and keep training to run a marathon in late summer/early fall. It is so nice to accomplish the tasks that you set out to do!
Anyways, that is an update on us so far!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the Mend

Here is a picture I took of Lucas last Sunday. It was right before church and I put gel in his hair. Isn't he such a cutie!

We finally seem to be on the mend which is a gigantic relief. Having the flu is noooo fun! Sean and I woke up on Monday feeling awful. We tried hard to stay away from Lucas, hoping that he wouldn't get the flu. Little did we know that he already had it and later that day I found myself, very queasy, cleaning up baby puke. It was not fun. The rest of the week we felt sick and tired although the puking only happened on Monday. Need-less to say, we are feeling much better and hope to be tip top soon.
What sucked about getting sick is that my training for a marathon got shot. I hope to be picking up where I left off because I am going to accomplish my new years resolution and nothing is going to stop me!
I have decided that I love to cook. Yesterday Sean and I went on a date to the Mall of America and I got another cookbook. This one is a Better Homes and Garden Dietary cookbook. It has so many scrumptious food to cook, if it wasn't fast Sunday I would be down there right now cooking.
So a little news on Lucas. He loves to make noise with his mouth. He is always blowing air through his lips and making all these funny sounds. Anyways, lately he has been doing the funniest thing. You know how you can blowing air through you lips and strum them with your fingers. Well if you do that to him, he will do it back to you. It is hilarious. I am hoping to get it on video so that people can see it. He is such a goof ball!

Monday, February 25, 2008


So today was a very crappy day! The family is sick with the flu. It sucks. So we pretty much spent the entire day sleeping in bed. I hate being sick!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funny Photos!

Here are some pictures that I took of me and Lucas. We spend the days together while dad is at school and then in the evenings on Monday and Wednesday I go to school. It is a nice set up because we try as hard as we can to make it so one of us is home to be with Lucas. So these pictures are a day in the life of Lucas and Mom!
Here he is cheesing for the camera. He knows what the camera is and every time he sees it he has to strike a pose! I love it.
In the left top one Lucas is doing what Sean and I call snuggling. Every time he finds a piece of fabric whether it is a blanket or a sock, he brings it to his face and sucks his thumb and rubs the fabric to his face. It is so cute and funny!
(Pictures taken February 20, 2008)

Standing Man

Well good news! Lucas can now stand on his own. It was the coolest thing! Yesterday, when he was terrorizing of course, he pulled himself up to get our phone, pulled it off, and just stood there for like 15 seconds before he sat down. I couldn't believe it! Then, of course, I had to keep pulling him up and making him stand. He is so annoyed about that now that once standing, he immediately sits down. A lady at work told me that I have no idea what I am encouraging but I don't care! He is such a little boy! I love it.
Today, however, he has a bad cold. He has been coughing on and off but today the runny nose started. Also he is being really cranky and whiny. I feel really bad for him. He is a trooper though. He could act a lot worse. He is also getting in his bottom, left, second tooth (if that makes sense.) So things are hard for the little guy.
So something that you didn't know about me. This year for my new year's resolution is I am planning on running a marathon. I am nervous about it. I am following this guys 18-week plan. So far I am on the 4th week and doing ok. Today I have to run 9 miles. The most I have ever run. It's scary but I know I can do it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Beginning

Well, here is my first go at blogging. I hope it goes well. For starters I am a 21 year old full time student and an even more full time mom. I got married on July 13, 2006 in the St. Paul Temple to my best friend and the only person I enjoy play fighting with. After a month of marriage we promptly decided to get pregnant which I did. My son Lucas Daniel was born on May 2, 2007. He was delivered by c-section and came out a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz. He was and still is a big boy. Currently he is 9 months 26 lbs and 31 in long.
My husband and I are full time students at Normandale Community College where he is pursuing a degree that will eventually get him a policing job and finally a spot in the FBI. I am currently waiting to hear if I got into Nursing School (either at the UMN or NCC). Keep your fingers crossed. Anyways, we are living with my parents (lame I know) but at the end of the summer Sean will hopefully get a job as a state trooper and me as a CNA and we will move out! YAY! Anyways, that a little about me. Until next time!