Monday, August 17, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

So for our family outing today we decided to go and have a picnic outside of the Temple. We even taught Lucas to say temple. It was pretty cool because Sean and I were like "Three years ago we were standing here taking pictures after we got married and here we are with our family now!"

It was fun to spend time looking and walking around the temple. So peaceful.

Here is dad and Lucas!

Mom and Lucas!

Awe.... Sean and Amy!

Lucas thinks that every thing whether it is a flower or in this case a mushroom is like a dandelion and will loose seed if you blow on it. Here he is demonstrating it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So much has gone on since the potty training experience. It got to the point where Lucas just didn't care about going in the potty and would rather go in his pants then tell me. Since I knew that this was a power struggle, I decided to take a break for awhile and if he said he need to go I would take him but not push him. We will start up again soon because the idea of 2 in diapers...yikes!
It is sad to say, but I have definitely taken less pictures during this prenancy then with Lucas. So, with that in mind, here is a picture of me taken probably about two months ago so that would make me 18 weeks. I feel so small but I think it is because I am comparing this pregnancy to Lucas when I was at the end of that prenancy. So here is my second baby bump.

Fourth of July, here is Lucas and his buddy Aidan. They live in an apartment on the first floor. It is nice because we just have to walk down two flight of stairs and down the hall and we are there. Lucas and Aidan are typical boys and love eachother only when the other is giving them exactly what they want and not touching their toys. It is good though. Also, hanging out with Sam helps me keep my sanity.
So on July 18, we moved to a smaller apartment. Although it is sad to give up the amount of space we had it is nice that we pay about 160.00 less in rent and there are more windows and sun in the new apartment which is an added bonus. Here is Lucas in the new apartment sporting my rain boots. He has an obsession now with shoes. He always wants his sandals on and is constantly putting Sean or my shoes on. He then has to walk very carefully around the house so as not to trip. It is quite comical.
Beau is doing well. Getting bigger everyday but as Sean says "When are you going to get bigger Beau?" On Aug 18 he will be 8 months old. I have to continually remind Sean that Beau will grow until he is about 2. With the heat of the summer Beau often finds refuge in the bathroom and after Lucas's bath, the tub. Here he is getting comfortable in the tub.
Lucas graduated from a crib and a mattress on the floor into a big boy bed. Here he is enjoying his first afternoon nap in his bed. Courtesy of his Uncle Matthew.
One thing that as a parent you never realize is how hard it is to get a now mobile and free child to lay down and go to bed. Lucas these last couple of nights has literally refused to go to bed until about 1030 or later. It takes about 20 times of going into his room and telling him to go to bed until he finally does. However, most of the time he is conked out on his floor, lights on and toys all around him. I finally gave up one night that I went to bed and when Sean came home at 1130 Lucas was sleeping on the floor with his light on. I rigged his light switch now so he can't turn his light on and his door knob so he can't come out. However, my child is still content to play in his room with the lights out.
Other then that, Sean finished his Summer semester of school and is ready to enjoy his week off of school before he begins again. I am keeping busy with always a list of things to do and tasks to accomplish. A mothers work is never done!