Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Addition

So on December 18th our puppy was finally (as Sean would say) born!!! YAY that means we have only 8 weeks until we get to take the little guy home! It will definitely be interesting having a puppy in the house. But we are excited and ready for it. Sean has been waiting his whole life to get a dog and he is finally getting one! If you would like to see pictures of mom or dad or of the puppies go to and click on the Newfoundland button. Mom and dad are Kaine and Joy. We can't wait until we get to take the little guy home!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Craziness of Christmas

So things around here have been hectic and CRAZY!!! We just got the christmas tree up on Sunday, although we only decorated with lights because ornaments would have been just too crazy with a very curious 19 month old. Lucas loved helping with the tree although he really didn't understand the putting together of the tree so he just hung the branches where he thought that they should go.

Here he is helping us put together the tree!

The craziness continued onto Monday at 1130pm when we get a knock on our door. It is a firefighter and we were being evacuated because of a gas leak in our building. Sean came in a told me right after I had fallen into deep sleep. So we packed up Lucas and Oscar and got into our car and went to Wendy's for a littls snack. At about 1230am we were allowed back into our apartment. The next day however, we left Oscar's kennel sitting in the living room, Lucas decided that it was his toy and decided to crawl into the kennel. Here he is starting to come out of it, but he got his entire body in the kennel and shut the door

He is such a crazy kid!
Anyways, I have been trying and trying to get all of our Christmas stuff in order. I finally ordered a Fisher Price Nativity set for Lucas that is now all over our living room floor. I decided to make Christmas bags and tags instead of buying wrapping paper and I decided to make Lucas Christmas PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve. I definitely spread myself too thin. I also am hand making all my Chrismas cards and for those of you who have not recieved one I either don't have your address or an in the mist of making them. Don't worry you will get one!
Here is an example of my Christmas bags and tags:

Here is the front

Here is the back. If you can't read it I stiched To and From on the back. The whole idea of this is to reuse them again. I am planning on getting washable fabric pens or washable markers to write who it is To and From.
They are really cute but they are a lot of work.
So funny thing happened today. I decided to take a half day at work so I had my morning free. I went to the gym and when I got back Sean told me that Lucas must have cut himself because there was blood smears all around his room. It seriously looked like a murder scene. Although Sean said that he didn't even notice because Lucas wasn't whining or anything. I decided to wipe down his room. It is amazing how much a 19 month old touches. Every single toy had a blood smear on it. Then I go out to the living room and dining room and everything out there had blood on it.
Well that's about it for now, but I am sure I will have more stuff once the holiday's are over!