Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucas at it again!

Just when I think that Lucas can't get any funnier, he proves me wrong. On sunday the primary got to go up during sacrament meeting and sing to the mothers. This was Lucas's first ever time singing in the primary. I watched my little baby walk up to the podium all by himself. I was already a little weepy from a talk that had just been given. Lucas stood right in front of the railing and I made a mistake. I waved. Lucas waved back. Then he decides to leave his post, go back to the choir pews and stand on them. With the biggest smile he started to wave. I was laughing so hard, he kept waving. Everyone else in the audience started laughing. Sean leans over and wispers "Stop laughing!"

It was so cute and adorable. I love Lucas!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lucas turns 4!

My little boy turned 4 on Monday. Where does the time go. I think back to when Lucas turned 3 and I can't believe how much he has changed. I think about all the struggles we went through this last year and how much Lucas has gained!

Last July he was admitted into the Early Childhood Special Education program in our school district. He goes to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He has gained so much and you can just tell he is more confident and happy. So much so that my little 4 year old bore his testimony in sacrament meeting on the 1 of May!

Crista had gone up to bear her testimony, a babysitter of ours was up there and Lucas looked at me and said "You stay here mom, I go talk." and began heading up to the podium. I had to hold him back and told him when Carly was done we would go up there. When she finished Lucas proudly marched up there. I wispered in his ear what to say. "I know Jesus lives, I love my family, I know this church is true." It was so amazing and so simple, it brought tears to my eyes.

Here was a little boy who struggled with speech, up in front of 100+ people talking about Jesus. What an amazing child I am blessed to raise! He has such a good spirit and is such a good kid. It is moments like that that I a realize what all the struggles are about!