Friday, February 19, 2010

Seeing the End in Sight!

So after two months of potty training I think that Lucas is finally crossing the finish line of potty training, at this house that is (he still has accidents at Grandma's house). Sean and I have been trying to figure out what to do during naps and at night because it seemed to us that Lucas was holding his body movements in until we put a pull-up on him and then he would just go. Plus, pull-ups are counter productive in that they are just like a diaper. But when we put nothing on him, he would have accidents in the bed because he still has a lock on the door so he can't come out (that opens another can of worms if we took it off and I really don't think that Lucas knows enough to get up and go out to the bathroom.) So one night Sean and I put Lucas's little training potty in his bedroom and told him if he needed to go to use the toilet. Much to our suprise, at about 4 am Lucas was knocking at his door to let us know that he went pee in the toilet! Hurray! No more pull-ups for Lucas!

The only bad thing is that now, when he needs to take a nap he basically empties his body so that I have to keep coming in to clean it out and he can prolong his nap. But I am thrilled with how well he is doing, plus as an added bonus, a couple of weeks ago when we went to see the Princess and the Frog he actually told me at the movie theatre that he needed to go potty! I was floored! I really think we are starting to see the end of this long tunnel that has been potty training. I was talking to a lady in my ward and she was saying that she thinks that potty training is the hardest job for a parent and I think I would have to agree with her!

Isaac is doing well, I can't believe my baby will turn 4 months in March (and Lucas will turn 3 years in May!) He is drooling a lot so we are all convinced that he is going to be making teeth soon. He is already in 6-9 month clothes and still growing. I must have whole milk or something because he is 100% breast fed but still getting huge! He is definitely a smiler which we all love. When you are having a hard day, just pick him up and smile at him and he will smile back a huge toothless grin! I am in the process of making him a play mat so he can lay on the hard wood floor and maybe start working on rolling! Check out my craft blog to see the progression!

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