Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Project

I hate to admit it but I think my family may be a little to addicted to TV. When you have a crazy two and a half year old it is nice to stick in a movie just to have some peace and quiet. If you aren't there yet, trust me you will get there. But as much as I love being able to do that, there is still alittle voice in my head that feels guilt about doing it. So some things in the Meyer house are going to change this month. Not sure when or how but they will. So my project for this month, besides crocheting like a mad man, is to make some felt food. I have seen on numerous blogs and etsy shops, this has become a new fad. So I am going to set out this month to make Lucas some food. He got some kitchen supplies from Grandma for Christmas but he just needs some food to along with it. I am not as skilled on the sewing machine as I would like to be so this will be an adventure. Hopefully, like last month's project, I will grow in my skills and aquire new ones.
As a side note, I will be posting some tutorials. One will be how to applique and I plan on having my mother in law teach me how to make her fabulous hooded towels, so I will write a tutorial about that. Also, if anyone is interested in my crocheting pieces I opened a shop on so that they can be purchased. The website is and I know it looks ugly now but it will get better. So today it will be onto JoAnn's to purchase some felt!

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Emily said...

I started making felt food for our "kids" before I was even pregnant! It's a fun, cheap little hobby and I like that the items are quick to make. I don't have a sewing machine so when I find patterns or buy them on etsy I make sure to get ones that come with directions for hand sewing, which I find relaxing. Good luck! I think felt food is adorable! (I can recommend some etsy shops if you're looking to buy some patterns. There's some free ones online too, but they're usually really basic.)