Monday, February 1, 2010

A Real Headache

Here is the result from the project that I embarked on. After throwing away the first one because I cut it too short and almost screaming profanities while I broke my sewing needle on this one, I finished the project. I started with no pattern, just an idea in my head. Hopefully if I make any more, they will turn out a little more professional. So here it is!
I am huge into coupons, if you couldn't tell and I have been using the baseball card sheet and binder method to keep my coupons organized. However, the binder that I use doesn't have straps and Sean was always complaining about how hard and ackward it was to life my coupon binder. Anyways, they do have binders that have shoulder straps but I think that they are ugly and expensive. So I set out to make my own binder cover that would fit a 1 inch binder. This is the result.
I sewed zippers up both sides so nothing falls out and they stay together. I was thinking about having zippers go all the way around but I was not going to even attempt that! But now I have a binder that has handles and looks pretty!

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Sheri E. said...

This is a cool idea! You amaze me.