Friday, February 12, 2010

The Most Amazing Hooded Towels

I finally made it over to my mother-in-laws so she could teach me how to make her amazing hooded towels and they are just that, amazing! I love them! They are SO much better then the store bought hooded towels. They cover more, they are softer and they can be used for older kids too! So here is the tutorial I promised on them:

     1 regular towel
     1 regular wash cloth, tags clipped
     preferably a sewing machine
     10 minutes of you time because that is all the time they take to make!

Step 1: Fold the towel in half and mark where the half point is with a pin
Step 2: Fold the washcloth in half and mark where the half point is with a pin
Step 3: With the wash cloth, fold over the decorative part of the wash cloth and pin
Step 4: Fold in corners, start buy pinching the corner and folding in towards the center, pin (on the same side of the decorative piece
Step 5: Do the same on the other side so it is even.

Step 6: Line up center pins on the towel and washcloth, make sure that you are pinning on the outside of the towel so when you flip it around, everything is on the inside) pin together. Then begin to pin down the sides of the wash cloth. Pinning vertically allows you to sew without taking out pins!
Step 7: Ready to sew. It should look like this. Towel will be curving to accomidate the washcloth
Step 8: SEW! Because of the bulkiness of the towel sew 6/8 inch in and sew it twice to make sure that it is secure. Take your time to ensure you get through all layers.
Step 9: Fold out and enjoy!
(My less then enthused model!)

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them!

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