Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Life the Last Couple of Months

So here are pictures from the last couple of months. When I downloaded them they got all out of order but I will try my best to explain each one.

Sean and I decided to take Lucas to the Science Museum of Minnesota and Lucas thought that it was the coolest place ever. He loved the Dinosaur part of it and the hands on Experiment part of the Museum. Here he is making experiments happen.

Here Lucas and I are in the Dinosaur part of the Museum. Of course he is too preoccupied with looking around to look at the camera.

He is so fun to take pictures of when he is sleeping. Isn't he a doll!
We had to give him a hair cut and we decided to buzz it. Lucas wasn't so excited about it because it was right before bed time and he was getting tired!
This is the face that we wake up to every morning. Aren't we lucky! The huge bear that he is lying on is a bear that my parents bought me when I was little. I thought that when he was younger he would get lonely in his crib so he sleeps with my teddy bear.
We thought that it was adorable that he was sleeping on the bear like pillow.

Here he is again!

Here he is at the science museum again. Running around like a crazy man!

We went to Sheri Easton's wedding in Missouri and there was so much flooding that the stop sign was almost covered with water.

Me and Janae in line for the ride to the top of the arch! I love that girl!

Me and Sean are smiling for the camera while we were inside of the arch!

Sheri and Mckay when they came out of the temple. Don't they look so happy. I am so happy that they are married!

We bought this backpack from REI and it is the coolest thing ever. It has a camel back in it and so Lucas can drink water when ever he wants. We put his diaper and wipes in it and he carries his own diaper back with him. We love it and he loves it.

Lucas and I cheesing for the camera.

Sean took Lucas to the Como Zoo while I was working and they have this Conservatory and Lucas loves water and could not help himself of course he has to play in the water.

Looking at the big cats. Which leads me to say that Lucas has said his first word "puppy". Although he says it for pretty much anything that has four legs. He loves to call Oscar a "puppy" and when he sees any dog he gets so excited when he sees a real dog. He loves them.
This is the cake that I decorated. Cake decorating is the new hobby that I decided to pick up.
The grand old arch!

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