Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amazing Thing About Minnesota

One of the most amazing things about Minnesota is the STATE FAIR. Which is where we went today. It is an event that many look forward to each year. All the food there is deep fried and on a stick. The newest food morsel that is there, although I did not attempt to eat it, was chocolate covered bacon. I like to stay more around the mini donuts, caramel apples end of the fair. But amongst all the crowds you can find deep fried candy bars, ostrich on a stick, cheese curds, an all you can drink milk stand, etc. etc. The first place we went today was the Miracle of Birth building where all the farmers bring their pregnant animals to and they then give birth to their young with about 200 Minnesotans watching. While we were there a Mommy pig was giving birth to her 7th little piggy (ouch!). A cow was going into labor and much to Sean's disappointment we did not see her give birth.
Here is Lucas admiring a very pregnant and uncomfortable momma cow.

Next we headed to the farm exhibits. There farmers from around the state bring in their best animals to be judged and awarded ribbons. They have sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, cows, and lamas (yes lamas). I thought is was very disturbing however that outside of the sheep barn they were passing out basically lamb slim jims. I declined eating on because it was just too weird. They also had a lamb on display that was wearing this speedo and on it it showed where all of it's body parts are that we eat. I will definitely not be eating sheep for a very long time.
The Lukers and I petting a very soft sheepy.

I think that after they shave sheep they dress them in this weird cloak thingy. In this picture we were trying to get Lucas to feed the sheep but he did not like that one bit. He loved the sheep and running up to them to look at them but giving them nourishment was not his cup of tea!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the fair was the poultry house. I did not know that there was such a variety of chickens and roosters out there. This was one of my favorite because it was the fluffiest chicken I have ever seen. It was all feathers!

This one was probably my most favorite. I mean, look at that hair feathers! They were so funny they ever were twitching their head like they were saying "Look at my lovely hair!" I couldn't believe the different types of poultry there was out there.
"I'm a Lama!!" The softest animal that I have ever petted hands down. It was so cute and it let Lucas pet him as well. The lady that owns this lama said that they are better sheep herders then dogs are. I never knew that!

After we saw the animals we pretty much walked around and ate food and went into a variety of exhibits like the Horticultural exhibit where we learned about bees and saw all the types of fruit and vegetables that you can grow in MN. Funny thing that I learned about bees is they are all females. There are only a few males and after they mate, they fall the earth dead. Wouldn't that be interesting if that happened to all species! After that we went to the pet barn where we saw lots of dogs. Then the DNR exhibit where we saw fish and all the animals that can be found here in MN. The state fair was a blast although I definitely ate my calorie allotment for the month!


Kathryn said...

That sounds like one wild and crazy state fair. Good for you for not eating the chocolate covered bacon!!!

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