Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the Mend

Here is a picture I took of Lucas last Sunday. It was right before church and I put gel in his hair. Isn't he such a cutie!

We finally seem to be on the mend which is a gigantic relief. Having the flu is noooo fun! Sean and I woke up on Monday feeling awful. We tried hard to stay away from Lucas, hoping that he wouldn't get the flu. Little did we know that he already had it and later that day I found myself, very queasy, cleaning up baby puke. It was not fun. The rest of the week we felt sick and tired although the puking only happened on Monday. Need-less to say, we are feeling much better and hope to be tip top soon.
What sucked about getting sick is that my training for a marathon got shot. I hope to be picking up where I left off because I am going to accomplish my new years resolution and nothing is going to stop me!
I have decided that I love to cook. Yesterday Sean and I went on a date to the Mall of America and I got another cookbook. This one is a Better Homes and Garden Dietary cookbook. It has so many scrumptious food to cook, if it wasn't fast Sunday I would be down there right now cooking.
So a little news on Lucas. He loves to make noise with his mouth. He is always blowing air through his lips and making all these funny sounds. Anyways, lately he has been doing the funniest thing. You know how you can blowing air through you lips and strum them with your fingers. Well if you do that to him, he will do it back to you. It is hilarious. I am hoping to get it on video so that people can see it. He is such a goof ball!

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Aaron, Kelli, & Kaylan said...

Hi Amy! I didn't know you had a blog until I saw your link on your facebook page! I have one too...

lucas is so big and so cute! they grow way too fast!