Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I have been trying to post for a couple of days now but the video that I keep trying to post takes forever to upload so I never end up fully posting. It is a little disappointing. But I will continue to try. But in spite of that I figured that I would get on and just give and update on where we are right now.
I am currently home alone. This week is spring break and I was going to have to work a ton at the theater. So I decided to surprise Sean with a plane ticket to go and see his father for a week and a half. My rational was that he was just going to have to sit around here and watch Lucas so why not in West Virginia. So since last Thursday he and Lucas have been gone. I have to admit that having a few sane minutes to myself is quite nice but when I am no working or have nothing to do.....I miss my little family. Every time I call Sean I have to know what Lucas is wearing, how he is doing, what he ate and how many poopy diapers he has had. It is weird that although he is not here I still need to know all of those things. It's sad, even now talking about it is making me miss them a lot.
But good news, I found another job. I am going to be a nursing assistant at a assisted living center in Burnsville. I actually got a job offer from two companies and after much deliberation, I decided to go with the assisted living center. I start training on Thursday of this week and I am pretty excited. Although I am going to be sad when I leave the theater. Free movies is pretty hard to give up. Also, on Monday I ran 7 miles without stopping. It was exciting. I did it in 65 minutes. My miles are starting to creep up there which has me thrilled! I will probably run a half marathon in New Prague in May and keep training to run a marathon in late summer/early fall. It is so nice to accomplish the tasks that you set out to do!
Anyways, that is an update on us so far!


Lori said...

hi! i am always looking for new blogging buddies! and i can't believe you run 7 miles. it makes me so tired thinking about it!

Emily said...

That was really nice of you! It would be really hard to part with my husband and my son for a whole week! But I'm sure they're making really great memories and it will be worth it.