Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today has been a great day. Besides my fabulous mother-in-law coming over so I could do some much need Christmas shopping at the local thrift stores, Unique and Good Will, Isaac and Lucas have hit some major milestones too.

We recently set up the Christmas tree and although it was the one-year-old I was mostly worried about, Lucas has proven to be a contender with him. They both love to take off the ornaments, play with them and put them back. I have stopped worrying about the perfection of the tree and try to enjoy their enjoyment and love of it. Isaac is so funny, when he goes over to the tree to start tinkering with the ornaments, I go "Isaac, no no no..." To which he looks at me, smiles, shakes his head "No" and continues right on touching. You can now get him to copy you when you shake your head at him. It is quite comical and lovely, however, it just reminds me how much Isaac is growing up.

Lucas has become quite a chatter box. I seriously love LOVE the special education program he is in. Not only do they make me feel like I am to best mother in the world and that I also have the greatest son, but they have made AMAZING progress with Lucas and speech in the short amount of time that he has gone to school. I could kiss each and everyone of them. Call me crazy but I feel that I need to give back to the school. The program that Lucas is in is totally free but I am very aware of the lack of revenue that is streamed into schools. Although Sean and I have very little, I still feel this great desire to give to the school.

Monday, Lucas got off the bus with the biggest grin on his face. Clutched in his hands was a bag labeled "Ms. Courtneys Class Snack Bag". You would have thought that Lucas had won the lottery with how hard he was clutching the bag. He loves to get assignments and will carry them out with joy and happiness. As every mother dreams of the time that she gets to take her child out and let them pick snacks for school (is it just me?) we headed to Walmart this evening to do just that. When we entered Walmart Lucas promptly stated "I walk!" Being just the four of us I obliged him. He does really well on his own. He had so much fun running around the grocery part of Walmart. We picked up bananas, had to steer Lucas away from the bakery, the cupcakes were just too tempting for him. Headed over to the crackers and cookie aisle where we picked up an array of goodies. Lucas honed in on a bag of Cheetos and proceeded to carry them all around the store, he even insisted on holding the Walmart bag with the Cheetos in it until we got home. We picked up some Lysol wipes for his class because they were on his classroom "wish list" and by buying them, I feel like I am giving what little I can back to the school.

I can see his personality really coming out. He is talking more (that comes with good and bad) and interacting with kids more. As a mom you really wish that you are instilling in your child good habits, a love and charity for others, a responsibility to follow rules and obey the law (in Lucas's case, mom's law!) Those things that made me cry in the past are almost all gone. I rarely have to worry about Lucas hitting or pushing, he is using his words much more now. He is using full sentences, his Grandpa McCabe taught him how to say his whole name "Lucas Daniel Meyer". It is so funny, when you as him what mommy's name is he says "Mommy Daniel Meyer." Ahhh, we will work on that. He is just a joy to be around. I really have had a hard time connecting with Lucas. Vocabulary is such an important part of bonding when children are this age. The age of cuteness has gone and there is a need to start bonding with your child on other levels.

I am so grateful of the opportunity that Lucas has to go to a special education school. Where he gets the help that he needs. He has truly become a new little man in just a short amount of time.

Well that is my thoughts for today.

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