Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I spent today reading all my old posts on this blog. How time flies. I captured some great moments but also a lot of memories are lost and forgotten. That makes me sad. I know that my sons will probably never care about what their first words were or when they got their first tooth or when they went to the bathroom all by themselves but I hope their wives will. Or at least, when they are all grown up and gone, I will be able to pull up this blog (hopefully one day made into a book) and reminisce. For that to happen, I need to be more diligent with writing consistently. Taking time out of my day to write on this blog. My craft blog, no problem, but this one, this one should be more important.

Today Lucas went to school. It is so nice to have a three hour break from him. I love my son but he can be a hand full. Don't let my last post fool you. Crista had the day off and she and James and Grace loaded up the car and ran over to the local laundry mat. This left the morning to just Isaac and I. It is quite nice actually. Isaac slept for most of the morning which meant that I got to sleep as well. My children religiously wake up between 6am and 7am no matter what time they went to bed or if they had a nap. It is quite frustrating actually. Sometimes I want to stay up so one would assume that if you keep your kids up then they will sleep in too. Not for my kiddos. So a nap was welcomed.

When Lucas got home I was in full swing cleaning the house. When you have a big black Newf around sweeping is a daily task. So I plopped Lucas down in front of the computer to watch a little Wonder Pets on Netflix (that right, I am that kind of mother). Lucas loves that show. He is into anything animal. Makes me think he might be a vet someday. He especially loves anything amphibian or reptile. Also bugs, Spiderman, Batman, you know, normal boy stuff. It makes shopping for Christmas presents more fun. Anyways, he knows the theme song of Wonder Pets but can only sing one line "Teamwork". So if you sing out "What's gonna work?" he will follow with "Teamwork." It is very cute. One time even, we told the kids to clean up the toys in the living room and Lucas started out singing "Teamwork" over and over. It is quite cute.

On another Lucas note, he is officially potty trained day and night. I have to say it is about time. I started around this time last year and although he has been day potty trained, it isn't until now that he is night potty trained. Sean remarked to me when we got home from the gym (Crista watched the kiddos) that we might be training a nudest because Lucas can get his clothes off but not back on. In the bathroom in a pile was his pj's and underwear. He got up from sleeping, took off his sleeper, went potty, didn't put them back on, and went to bed. I am just relieved that he wakes up, goes and gets back into bed.

Isaac has become a little climber. Always climbing up chairs, onto furniture, getting into things that he shouldn't. Lucas and Isaac actually had a minor fight over toys this morning. They were playing in their room and Lucas is willing to share his toys but only the ones that he wants to share. Isaac, not so found of that, lets his voice be known. A few weeks ago, I had given a sucker to Lucas and I don't know how he did it but Isaac, half Lucas's size, stole the sucker from Lucas. I went into the room and Isaac was sitting on the floor with a death grip on the sucker screaming at Grace and Lucas who were trying to get the sucker from him. I  couldn't help but laugh. Isaac is showing that he won't be bullied by the older kids. If you try and take a toy from him, watch out, he will let you know that he is not happy.

I am planning on applying to nursing schools again. I have until February 1st. I am really nervous about doing this, I guess being rejected 2 years ago, has taken its toll. I just hope that the right will happen.

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