Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know, I know, I totally sucked the whole writing everyday up. I can write everyday on my craft blog, but stunk up this one. Well, time for a new beginning. Today seemed like a fitting day because, it's my baby Isaac's birthday. Eeek! Where did the time go?

Let's start at the beginning:

Here is my baby all fresh and new. I was in labor from about 2pm on Monday November 2nd and had Isaac VBAC on November 3rd around 10:30 am. I had an infection in my amniotic fluid so he need to spend the days in the hospital in the NICU. No one got to seem him but Sean and I.

Brothers meeting for the first time. Lucas took really well to Isaac. He would bring him lots of toys and would try and share his food with Isaac. No jealousy or anything. What a relief!

After a day or two of being home Isaac became jaundice. Poor kid, had to spend day and night on the light. Poor mom too, I hated not being able to snuggle my baby!

Thanksgiving came and went (I didn't snap any pictures of Isaac, weird). Here is my baby at 1 month old. Pretty dang cute, huh!

Christmas is next! I have this crazy idea that a tradition I would like to start is making pj bottoms for my kids every Christmas. So far I have been diligent, however, they do need lots of work because they come out too small or too long, etc.

And then ofcourse, the traditional family picture around the Christmas tree!

Second month came and went. What a cutie pie!

Then February and my little ground hog boy!

March came sitting up and experiementing with cereal and....

Discovering your thumb!

April brought going to Florida and meeting....

Your two uncles and aunt plus two cousins for the first time!

May was Lucas's birthday and Isaac's half birthday. Hooray for Kokomo's in the good ole' MOA!

Yay! For six months of life!

June brought another trip to Florida this time to meet Grandpa for the first time! Also two teeth!

July was filled with trips to the park and even more teeth!

August was an exciting month because it meant that James and Lucas were going to a school in a month. We went to movies, MOA, hung out around the house and just played! Isaac is getting more mobile and crawling all over the place!

September and Lucas and Isaac are starting to play even more now! Playing in the laundry baskets is a favorite past time!

Also September brought the State Fair! Woo Hoo!

In October we chopped off all Isaac's hair plus it was also his first

Halloween where he went as a chicken!

And then we are back to November! Happy Birthday my big boy! I loved spending this last year with you!

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Sheri E. said...

He's grown up so much in a year. What a cutie pie!