Monday, December 21, 2009

So, I know my resolution was to blog more often but with two kids, things get a little crazy. However, I have been better at bring my camera with me places to document things for the blog. I hope to get better though because Lucas does the funniest things that would make me so sad if I forgot! So here are the last two weeks activities.

Grandma invited Lucas over to help her paint flower pots. Lucas enjoyed it!

We took that time we were over there to take Isaac's pictures. Here is my personal favorite.

Grandma McCabe getting some holding time with the baby.

Grandpa McCabe snuggling with Isaac. I have a picture of me laying on my Grandpa Myers just like this, however, I was sucking my thumb and playing with his ear and a little bit older.

Now that we are not living in an apartment I was thrilled to realize that I could finally get a real tree! Sean's parents were so kind as to purchase one for us. Here was are out at Bachmans picking out the tree!

Getting it home and setting it up. To this day the tree stands a little crooked.

After letting the tree expand, we decided to decorate. Last year when all the Christmas decorations went on sale 75% off, I picked up a lot of stuff. Here is our first year using them. Lucas and daddy did the decorating and I was designated put the hook on the ornament person. Lucas loved decorating the tree and using the icicle ornaments as spears.

Isaac's first Chrismas! Just observing us decorate!

More decorations.

One of the traditions I would like our family to do is buy an ornament for each child, each year so that they will have enough ornaments to decorate their tree when they move out. Here is the ornament that Lucas chose.

Isaac's ornament that we chose for him.

Finished product! (Yes we know that is tilts but it smells so good!)

One of our favorite places to shop is a consignment store called Unique. We find lots of good stuff there. Well Sean found this life vest for Lucas when he goes swimming. Lucas thought it was a helmet and wears it on his head. He wore it all the way through the check out, out to the car and threw a fit when I wouldn't let him wear it into Target. He is such a funny kid!

One of the nice things about where we live now is we are literally 1 min away from the MN Zoo. We have a membership there so we decided to go to the Zoo. Here is Isaac all packed up and ready to go!

Lucas got to meet Santa at the Zoo and loved him! He kept going up to him and hugging him and trying to drag him by his hand over to the window (there are monkey's there). It was soooo cute and nice that they had Santa there because it is like 40.00 to have Lucas's picture with Santa at the mall! I am so excited to have a child who can start to understand the concept of Santa!

Lucas and daddy at the zoo!

One of my many craft projects. Here is the nursing cover I made for my cousin's wife.

So here are a couple of funny stories about Lucas that you might enjoy.

Having a new brother comes exposure to new things. I was really blessed to get a breast pump from my insurance completely free. So on occasion I pump so that I can leave and Isaac will be fed. Anyways, Lucas has been in the room while I have pumped. On day, when Sean got home, I was laying on the bed and Lucas was puttering around in our closet. Sean was sitting on the bed so he could see into half of the closet. All of a sudden Sean started to laugh. Inside of our closet hunched over and with two breast pump covers up to his chest was Lucas. The funnest thing was he was mimicing the sound that breast pumps make. Sean and I both wish that we had had a camera at that very moment!

Yesterday was Sunday so obviously we went to church. Lucas loves nursery. Lucas's Grandma Gordhamer (Sean's mom) was asked to sub in nursery for 2nd hour. During Relief Society she scooted in but had chalk all over the back of her black dress. When she came to sit down next to me I told her that she had chalk all over her back. She responded "Yes, I know. Lucas drew all over me with chalk. I just thought he was giving me a back massage!" I could not stop laughing!

My parents live in a four level split. You walk in there are stairs going to the upstairs, and next to those stairs going down to the family room and next to those stairs going to the basement. Well, Lucas was being watched by my parents and was being entertained with Grandpa McCabe in his work room which is in the basement. Jim has lots of lights in the basement and most of them are controlled by the light switch. Lucas, of course, found the light that was turned on by a pull string (the light is attached to the ceiling). I guess that I should preface this that Lucas has learned that when he needs to reach something he gets a chair and then can stand on it. Well, after discovering this light and feeling the need to pull the string Lucas went up two flights of stairs to the dining room where he knew there were chairs. He picked up this barrel like chair brought it to the stairs, pushed it down after which he followed to only push it down the stairs again. Then when he got it to the basement he picked it up, brought it over to the light and then had a grand old time pulling the string. Jim said he was downstairs when all this was happening and was trying to figure out what the loud banging noise was as something came flying down the stairs!

We love Lucas and love all the silly and at that moment, frustrating things that he does. Lately, Lucas has not wanted to go to bed. My mom says it is just a faze and all children go through it. Before we got a door knob cover it would take about an hour and a half of Lucas getting out of bed and us putting him back before he would go to sleep. Then, in the middle of the night we would find Lucas in our bed which the followed another half an hour of getting Lucas to fall asleep in his bed again. Thank goodness we finally got a door cover because it is very sad to have your child crying outside your door. However, he will lay down just outside his door so he can see through the door crack until he falls asleep. We have to go in there and put him in his bed or he will sleep on the hard wood floor.

Isaac is doing well. He is smiling now! That brings joy to my soul and sleep to my body (I am lacking it immensely!). When he is awake and smiling in the morning it helps me forget how little sleep I got that night. He is starting to coo as well which is fantastic. When we went to WIC this last Tuesday he was 11lbs 14oz and 22 1/2 inches long! He is a growing boy!

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