Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day with Lucas and Isaac

So in efforts to become more frugal and fending off any temptation that I have to say "Let's just go and get dinner" I have decided to do what is know as freezer cooking. You basically cook massive amounts of food up and then freeze it all and take it out to eat when you need it. It is nice to just thaw and go. So Saturday while Sean was at the Bishop storehouse volunteering the boys and I set out to get some cooking done. While I was in the kitchen Lucas and Isaac were being very cute together so I decided to take some pictures. Here they are.
Brother laying together on the couch!

Gotta love the security blankets!
Smiles! When they fight I will show them this picture and say "See, you do love eachother!"
My loyal kitchen companion who always seemed to be laying right where I needed to stand. Kisses!
Almost 5 weeks old and getting so big
Lucas up on the chair (Grrrr) and showing me that the griddle is hot!2 batches of french toast to freeze. Which is my favorite breakfast food. 3 lbs of meat that I cooked for taco meat and spaghetti along with a batch of sloppy joesChicken Enchiladas Yum!2 batches of waffles made up and ready to be frozen.
I have a couple more meals to make up and freeze but unfortunately I ran out of time and materials but all in all it was a pretty successful day. Lucas did well entertaining himself and Isaac.... well did what most 4 week olds do, ate, slept and pooped! Hopefully when all is said and done I will have made enough food to last the whole month of December. We will see if we can stick to eating in instead of eating out. Keep your fingers crossed!

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