Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7 months old

I can't believe a whole month has already gone by! My baby is 7 months old. Crazy! I was thinking the other day how if we want to have another baby and not have them that far apart, I am going to probably get pregnant in the next 7 months. Time just flies! I love not being pregnant but Sean and I both agree that our family needs some more members. Here are some pictures of recent happenings!

Isaac has become quite a charmer. Every passer-byer stops and smiles and coos at him. He in turn loves it and smiles back.
Here he is charming us again! (If you can't tell, he has two bottom teeth). What I love about this picture is that he has nice after-bath hair! Nice and fluffy!
Lucas decided that this was the best place to eat his cheese roll up. My oldest, he drives he crazy! Always into things and on things and in things...... But he is adorable! We have started to cut a few things like how much TV he watches, food colorings, processed foods and sugars in hopes that it will help with his attention, his language and his skin. From making an effort to include more healthy oils in his diet, the bumps on his face and ears have completely gone away! (Something we asked the doctors about when he was younger and they just said it was because of his skin being dry and we should bath him less and lotion him more. After trying that, nothing changed. Two days of just making sure he gets his oils, all clear!) His behavior is changing, we are no longer using TV as a way to contain him and are getting at the root of some of his behavior outbursts. He is talking a lot more and things just seem to be looking up!
The best part of this last month is seeing Lucas and Isaac bond. Lucas loves to blow raspberries on Isaac's tummy, show him books, be silly so Isaac laughs, asks "What happened?" when Isaac cries, etc. It is nice to see them getting along. I took the bumpers off of Isaac's crib (he is quite the mover now) and discovered that they are very good "blinders" when you have two kids in one room. Lucas's now goes to sleep in his bed while Isaac falls asleep on ours. When they are both out, we move Isaac into his crib. If not, we hear giggling and talking for a long time!
Okay, now this is just crazy. On chance, I managed to snap a picture of Isaac doing the same thing with a blanket as Lucas does. Weird, huh! I don't know, it must be genetic!

The worst thing that happened this month, Isaac got his first major injury! He fell off the couch (now I won't deny that this is the first time this has happened but this was the first with major damage). Now, don't think that I am some neglectful mother but when you are sitting on the couch, playing with your baby and your oldest needs a drink of water, you plan on just being gone for like, 30 seconds. I don't know how Isaac does it but he manages to fall off the couch in that 30 seconds. This time there was major blood because he fell in a way that ripped the skin that attaches your upper lip to your gums and skinned his lip. It bled and bled. Sean was home and being recently certified as a EMT took Isaac to do a little exam. I was so impatient. I was like, "Give me my baby so I can comfort him!"
Other then that, things are pretty mundane. Going to FL on friday, whoo hoo!

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