Monday, May 10, 2010

Lucas turns 3 and Isaac turns 6 months!

May is a big month for us. When you have one child turning three and another turning 6 months a day later it makes for a big month. I can't believe that I am saying that I now have a full blown three year old. For all of you new parents out there, people were not kidding when they said that time flies. It truly does. We went out on Saturday to have Lucas's birthday dinner because this year his birthday landed on Sunday. We took him to Kokomo's in the Mall of America. Here we all are after eating:

Giving thumbs up with Grandma and Grandpa:
Funny story about giving thumbs up, Lucas really didn't do that until we went to visit my sister in FL. My nephew James is always giving thumbs up or waving so Lucas started to do it. But when you give him a thumbs up he would in turn raise his pointer finger and either keep it straight up or curve it like a hook. It took quite a few attempts for him to get it right but now he is giving thumbs up to just about anyone including the people in the car next to us at a light.

Smiling with Mom:
Lucas is getting fun and challenging everyday. We are going to have him evaluated for speech tomorrow because even though he has always been physically advanced his speech is slow. He rarely uses sentences and can be difficult to understand. I am hoping that with some speech therapy, it will help him in his communication and his tantrums will lessen.
For those out there struggling with behavior problems, watch SuperNanny. I know it sounds stupid but I did and have been using things that she said to do with Lucas and it has made a big difference. He has gotten better at listening to me when I give him directions.

Took him to the doctor today and here are his stats:
Weight: 47lbs - 97%
Height: 40 1/4 inches - 96%
We have a very big healthy boy.

One more funny story about Lucas:
For those of you who have seen Spiderwick Cronicles you probably know that in order for the kids to see the gremlins they needed to look through that doughnut thing.
Well, Lucas watched that movie at my sisters house and afterwards we were eating lunch and my sister had one of these sitting on her counter:
Lucas was looking at it and then picked up the part of the lid that twists onto the jar, went to her sliding glass door and was looking through it.
I was so suprised! I couldn't believe that Lucas thought like that. He has such an imagination, it is so amazing to me.

Onto baby number two, Isaac
He is growing so fast. He can now roll over and scoot around on the floor. He is getting much more mobile in his crib. When I come into their room in the morning, Isaac is always in a different position. Most of the time on his back looking up and me, all grins.
A funny thing that he is doing now is sucking on his big toe like it is his thumb. I try and try to get a good picture of it but he always stops when I come near and grins at me. Here is the best I could get:
Pretty nimble little guy.

Here is his 6 months pictures:
He is looking more and more like Sean everyday.

Here are his stats from the doctors:
Weight: 20lbs 13oz - 93%
Height: 28inches - 93%
Head: 17.5 inches - 65%
All around proportionate, all around big!

He is eating more solid foods, however, is not that big of a fan of fruit. Loves to eat vegetable but when it comes to fruit he gets this sour look on his face like you are feeding him a lemon. It is quite commical.
He loves to grab at anything and everything. You can't have him on your lap and eat at the same time or he ends up pulling your plate off the table. He is getting better at grabbing but it is still the normal slap and then drag that most kids do. He loves other kids and laughs at them all the time.
Anyone who watches him says that he is the happiest relaxed baby they have ever watched. He will lie on the couch swak for about 10 seconds, suck his thumb and fall asleep. He loves to smile at anyone. He is truly a fantastic baby.

That's the update!

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