Sunday, November 6, 2011


Can I just say that I can't believe that my baby has turned two!? I can not believe that two years ago I was holding my little Isaac in my arms. What a change from then to now. I wish that I had the doctor stats but..... I haven't brought him in yet. I know I am horrible but it seems like there is always something to do.
So here is a little on Isaac and the stage that he is in.
1. What a different kid from his brother! He is much more snugly and attached to me the Lucas ever was. He loves to just come and snuggle on my lap and watch movies. He will randomly come up to me and lay his head down on my lap and say "Mommy!" He is sad when I leave and gets super excited when I come back. Makes my day I must say.
2. He is a talking machine. He is always catching us off guard when he talks to us. Maybe because Lucas was so delayed. He is always telling me to "Hold this!" and to "Help me!" and so on. I love it. He understands a lot too. The worst is when you are telling him to do something and he looks at you mischievously and then doesn't do it.
3. He can count to ten! I know he just turned two! You have to help him and he leaves out four sometimes but will get all the way up to "Ten!" He will randomly go through the house saying "One, Two, Three"
4. He is a very particular child. Hates having his clothes taken off to get changed. It is like mega melt down. But things turn out better once he realizes that you are going to put more clothes on him. He HATES having his sleeves pulled up. Like he screams "NO!" and then will commence to pull them down. I cringe a little when I see his sleeves after eating. Not pretty. If you cut up his sandwich or and food, he freaks out. Especially when he sees you do it.
5. He loves shoes. He is constantly bring his shoes up to me and saying "shoes" or "socks". He will wear anyone shoes it they are left around the house and I mean anyone.
6. He is not as into the out doors as his brother. He is just more content to hang out in the house with mom and shout at the other kids from the door.
7. He loves his big brother. They play together and always get in trouble together and is most of the times the scapegoat for his older brother. He is always copying Lucas. If Lucas is doing something, Isaac is doing that exact thing. He loves his cousins as well. Him and Grace are always playing together. Maybe because Grace has, as her preschool teacher told Crista, a 'mother hen complex' and Isaac is the only one she can boss around who will actually listen. She loves to pick him up and carry him, although I think they weigh about the same amount.
8. He loves animals, especially horses. However, he is leery about cows. Ever since he watch a Kipper show where a cow reaches over the fence to grab some grass out of the dog on the shows hand and Isaac screamed bloody murder, he hasn't really liked them. If he sees the Kipper show his eyes get big and he worriedly says "Cow?"
9. I took the guard rail off his bed a few days ago. He has already figured out how to climb through the slats in the bed so the rail was pretty useless. He has only fallen out once so that is positive. He has also been moved to a bigger car seat.
10. He loves babies. Sometimes a little too much. He was sitting on this poor 1 year old that the Memorial day picnic. I was a little mortified. But every time he sees a baby he is always pointing at them and saying "Baby!" Even if they are the same age as him.
11. He LOVED Halloween this year. He went as a monkey but of course, 10 minutes before we left, Lucas and Grace ripped off his tail. So he was whatever people thought, monkey or bear..... He loved going to houses and he was even trying to say "Trick or Treat" but it came out more as "Rick Reat" He got fistfuls of candy though because people thought he was too dang cute. Also because he insisted on picking out his own candy after they had already given him some.
12. He is definitely a groupie. Hates doing things by himself. I bought him a pass to go into this giant pumpkin blow up at the pumpkin store but he was the only one who could go and he scream at the top of his lungs when I tried to put him in there. I have a feeling though, if the other kids could have gone with them (which they so badly wanted to) he would have jumped around like crazy.
13. He is a little more emotional then Lucas was. He gets upset easily and I have such a hard time telling him "No". I will have to work on that!
Well, that is Isaac right now in a nutshell. I love him dearly and I am so grateful to have him as part of our family.

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