Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad, Sad, Sad

So it is really sad that I have not posted any new information since Dec 2008. Where have I been? Well, Christmas came and went. I ofcourse bite off more then I could chew with trying to set Christmans traditions. I figure that this Christmas is the start of Christmas's that Lucas can remember so I wanted to begin those family traditions that my children would tell their children that they did on Christmas Eve. So we did stockings (which I never did as a child), I mad Lucas Christmas pj bottoms (which I did not buy a pattern for and ended up being too small in the rump for my child), made a very sad ginger bread house on Christmas Eve, etc. It turned out fun but it definitely will need some tweeking over the next how many years. Here are some lovely pictures.

Lucas deciding that the Ginger Bread house is too much work so he was going to decorate his cookie then proceed to eat the buttons...

Our crumbling ginger bread house. I think that the frosting was too thin. (BTW thanks Emily Stephenson for the recipe website that you had posted!)

January came and went with not too much stuff happen that is extremely exciting. We were busy waiting for Feb to come when we would get our puppy. Now, only people who have had puppies know what it is like to have a puppy. For those who have never had one it is like having a newborn, with out diapers. We got our Newfoundland puppy on Feb 13, 2009. Sean named him Black Wolf's Beau Valentine because he was so close to Valentines day. After many attempts at trying to figure out his name we ended with Beau. I would just like to state for the record that we named our dog before the president and Obama had no influence on his name. Anyways, it start good but then Beau got sick and when I say sick I mean diahrrea everywhere. I think on the 30th day that we woke up and Beau was yet again sitting in his poop Sean and I were just about willing to give it all up. I am happy to say that Beau is finally on his way down the healthy path and we are actually getting to enjoy having a dog. It took him eating an entire bottle of Immodium, an very expensive trip to the Vet where he had to stay over night and a slow walk back into normal food to get him better. Here is Beau when we first got him:

Our cute Newfie!!
Anyways, more to come tomorrow because I am wiped out and ready to sleep!!!

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Sheri E. said...

He is a cute dog. But the poop everywhere doesn't sound fun. I'm glad that's over.